Barking Dog Like Cough, It May Be Asthma



Do you suffer from a nasty cough that resounds like a barking dog and which is not going away since months or weeks? This kind of cough may also become worse at night and may aggravate early in the morning. It may be an asthmatic cough, that is basically a reaction and endeavour by the asthmatic patient, to breathe in air easily. The cough can suddenly stop and arrive without any prior notice. This indicates that the exposure to the allergen has stopped and the body has stopped giving a reaction. Slowly the mucus will also reduce and the person will feel better. There is no worry if the phlegm or mucus does not get infected but if there is a bacterial, viral or microbial infection then the situation can become serious.


The characteristic cough and whistle can be confirmed “asthma diagnosis”, if there is development of a skin rash called eczema or if it has been travelling down the family line. Asthma can show up at any age and in any sex. Just keep a look out for the cough and recognise it by the sound and the resounding whistles while breathing in. People still feel awkward when they are diagnosed with asthma and take it as a stigma. Do not delay treatment as it can cause immense pain and discomfort. It is not very comfortable when you have to struggle with breathing and hard coughing. When children get asthma lots of times their lungs expand naturally with increase in age and the child outgrows it.

The patient needs to eat a lot of healthy foods like those which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, fruits like apples pineapples, carrots and tomatoes are very good in building immune system and protect body from allergic attacks. Naturopathic treatment that relieves the body of symptoms of asthma is herbal based and these medicinal herbs are found freely in nature. For thousands of years ayurvedic treatments have been used to cure people of asthma, the respiratory disorder.

Asthma is an incurable autoimmune disorder that begins the moment the person is exposed to the allergic substance. The allergic reaction is triggered and the person often ends up with airways blocked by mucus. The inflammation and phlegm that blocks the airways leaves very little space for the air to move about freely. Inhalation and exhalation becomes very difficult and painful and it is only when the immunity starts to increase that the person starts to recover from asthma.

Baba Ramdev has ayurvedic combinations containing Divya Swasari Ras, Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras, Divya Sitopladi churna, Divya Abhrak Bhasm, Divya Praval Pisti , Divya Sanjivini vati and Divya Trikatu Churna, which help in controlling mucus deposits and airway inflammation. Microbial infections are also kept at bay and immunity is increased with Baba Ramdev asthma medicine. The herbal combinations in these therapies also help in controlling the wheezing and barking dog cough. This medicine also makes the lungs gain strength and perform better.


Buy The Hygienic, Safe And Effective Swami Ramdev Ayurvedic Medicine




Yoga has been a way of life of many elder people in our country, but it is being recognised as one of the best ways to keep the organs in healthy working condition. Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru of India, has brought people miracle treatments with the help of ayurvedic remedies.

Baba Ramdev runs two pharmacies – Patanjali Yogpeeth and Divya pharmacies that prepare Swami Ramdev medicine based on the principles of the ancient science of healing. These medicines utilise superior quality herbs that have been picked up from the natural environments, and they in turn are cleaned and processed in hygienic environments with the help of technologically superior machinery. These processed herbal extracts are then made into capsules, pills, syrups or fluids, and then dispensed to people to treat different maladies.

Since period immemorial ayurveda, yoga and meditation have been helping people deal with their illnesses and also help in decrease their suffering. Ailments can be treated and the person’s immune system will be boosted. This will in turn reassure that the person stays free of diseases and is not trapped by infections. Baba Ramdev’s popularity has already travelled overseas and the medicines can be easily ordered online. The best thing about this is that the remedies are available at very reasonable rates on the doorstep- without any shipping charges.

Yoga and meditation focus on the soul; body and psyche of a person and the ayurvedic remedies help strengthen the immune system from within. The person who regularly practises this natural way of living ends up infused with positivity, and free of suffering.

Issues regarding the mental state of mind, psychological well-being, weight issues, blood issues, stomach or intestine distress, hyperacidity, flatulence, auto immune disorders, joint pain, cardiovascular conditions, digestion troubles, respiratory collapses, joint pain, migraines, skin diseases, kidney diseases, eczema, excretory trouble, bloodlessness, sensory system trouble, metabolic conditions, hypertension or high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, diabetes, fertility, ordinary wounds and other reproductive issues etc. can be dealt with amazing well with the help of Baba Ramdev’s medicines.

People need to be well and free of medical problems and the safest way to deal with it is to take the effective and safe ayurvedic medicines prepared at Baba Ramdev’s pharmacies. It’s time to heal and mend- just open your mind to the magic of Ayurveda. To learn yoga, people can purchase Baba Ramdev’s VCD and at the same time consult the visiting ayurvedic physician at the Chikitsalaya opened at Baba Ramdev’s outlets for treatment. Baba Ramdev also advises pranayama along with yoga, medications and meditation to stay healthy and fit.

Baba Ramdev has a vast range of products and medicines that can help people bid a farewell to diseases. These medicines are manufactured without the use of any chemicals or artificial products and are purely herbal. These medicines also have Government permission to be dispensed in the public, and strict measures of hygiene are continuously under the scanner of the authorities.

Pain Travelling Down The Leg And Stiffness In Neck Region, Try Ayurveda


Sciatica nerve, an integral component of the brain develops compression sometimes and this leaves the person in a lot of pain and the medical condition is termed as sciatica. The sciatic nerve and related nerves may have been pressed or injured to cause this problem. The compression may also be a result of an abnormal growth in the nervous system or body that puts pressure on the sciatica nerve.

The leg and lower limbs may face pain, numbness and stiffness. The lower back is directly connected to the sciatica nerve, and whenever the area faces a trauma, nutrients and oxygen to body parts reduces or may be cut off thus leading to various painful complications in the lower body and leg.


Sciatica is a common complaint of people who have a sedentary lifestyle and who sit in one place for long hours. Women who have multiple pregnancies often have to undergo the painful suffering caused by sciatica nerve. Even normal body movements may be restricted and with every step of the limbs long distances become an agony, and any activity that is done apart from the ordinary daily chores may cause problems. There may be a loss of sensation and numbness in the lower part of body.

Tumorous growth or sciatic nerve injury can lead to this disorder. Women complain more of this condition than men and this may be because of their unnatural gait during pregnancy. The sole of the foot and leg where the nerve is connected to back becomes extremely painful and the back part of the leg suffers more.

Cervical spondylitis is because of a change in the cervical vertebrae in the neck due to degeneration or damage. This can happen to men and women at any age and in this the patient often complains of agony in the neck region at all times. The pain slowly travels to the head and there is a strange inflammation in the area. The patient cannot stand for a long time and sitting in same position especially with the head bent low can be extremely painful for the patient.

Standing or sitting sedentary or positioned in same pose for a long time can lead to sciatica or cervical spondylitis. You need to be extremely careful when sitting in front of the computer or the television for a long time as this can trigger these two conditions of the back. The pain or tingling in the limbs and legs can be because of an inactive lifestyle or wrong postural positions.

In cervical spondylitis the patient also feels dizzy and unable to stand for long periods of time. Even the fingers of the hands may start getting numb or feel an uncomfortable pricking pain. There are some treatments and remedies to treat cervical spondylitis or sciatica but they provide relief from symptoms and do not treat the condition from within.

Herbal remedies are the best treatment as it also helps the problem from recurring and treats the patient’s body from deep within. The area gets nutrition and oxygen supply and the herbal combination of Divya Pidantaka rasa, Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras, Divya Ekangaveer Rasa, Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm, Divya Chanderprabha vati,Divya Pravala Pisti, Divya Trayodashang Guggulu in Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for Sciatica & Cervical Spondylitis package can help greatly.

Joint Stiffness? Reduce It With Baba Ramdev Joint Pain Treatment



There are many people who have to undergo a lot of pain and aches because of joint stiffness. They wake up in the morning and each movement for them is excruciating agony. The household chores are almost an impossible task and the range of movement is restricted heavily. The stiffness in the joints may be because of gout and arthritis, but both these conditions are extremely painful for the sufferer.


The muscles and bones become very weak and the person cannot bear the anguish as the pain keeps increasing with time. Age worsens the experience and the activity scale starts to dramatically fall. Movement becomes more and more restricted with each passing day. Simple chores are an ordeal and the person feels very handicapped. The progress also becomes very restricted because of the weakness and tenderness all over the body.

The tendon or the muscles around the joint are stretched beyond toleration and the area becomes very painful. The weak bony structure leads to an exertion on the joints and this causes pain that leaves the person incapable of proper movement. Any kind of pain or suffering is very traumatic for a person who is undergoing agony because of a disease, and the joint pain maybe a result of an underlying medical condition.

There are various reasons for joint pain though each person is different and the reason for their soreness is different. A poor postural stretching, a muscle sprain, calcium deficiency, torn tendon or ligament, injury to the joint, compressed nerve and other medical complications are various reasons that may trigger off joint pain. The person cannot do any exertion and the body’s bony structure weakens and the movements are not comfortable. This condition needs to be treated immediately or else the joint suffering can become much worse.

Joint pain can be in the form of spasms, or it may be chronic or acute. The pain may be spread out in all the joints of the body or it may be related to one specific joint. The joint pain may be because of various reasons such as gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, strain, sprain or a torn muscle. There are various treatments available to treat joint pain and many of them include prescribing temporary pain killers to keep the spasms and pain down. There is no basic treatment for total painless living, but none of the treatments can reverse the joint pain because of its autoimmune nature. These painkillers are created out of chemicals in the laboratory and these harmful looking pellets that suppress the pain symptoms are detrimental for the body in the long run.

Baba Ramdev natural medicine for joint pain makes sure that the immune system is boosted back into action and the joint pain is reduced. These natural remedies also make sure that the joint pain area gets nourishment and proper vitamins so that the surrounding muscles become strong. The joints also stop their deterioration and become stronger. Patanjali Pidantak Ointment, Yograj Guggulu and Patanjali Pidantak oil keep the joint swelling and inflammation under control and soon the person feels much better!

Dejected And Shying Away From Society? Treat Depression Now!



Have you ever experienced feelings of extreme sadness and loneliness? Do you feel that you are being sucked deep into a vortex of doom, or do you feel that life is taking you into a black hole from where there is no surfacing? This maybe depression!

Often the person starts to experiences acute weakness and tiredness, weight loss or weight gain, insomnia, pains and aches in body etc. There is no physiological reason for this pain though the person feels uncomfortable and distraught at all times. Loneliness and sadness becomes a part of life and privacy is strictly guarded. The depression patient refuses to interact and prefers to stay closeted inside a room. He or she shies away from public contact and all kinds of activities and hobbies. Disinterest takes over and the person is often seen moping and crying.


The treatment for this problem needs a proper diagnosis as the person may end up far lost and may lose friends and sanity by the time it is discovered. Some people have committed suicide because of untreated depression and this is the reason why it is imperative to get treated for this medical condition. A social person who interacts with lots of friends, family members and acquaintances remains in touch with reality, imagine what happens to a person who is disconnected from life and people? They start to lose their minds with course of time!

Depression is normally treated with anti-depressant drugs or it can be taken care of by ayurvedic and nature based treatments. Baba Ramdev medicine for depression has shown a lot of positive affect on people who are suffering from this mental disorder. Your body needs happy hormones to look positively to life and this is possible with the help of natural remedies like Divya Godanti Bhasm, Divya Moti Pisti, Divya Medha Kwath, Divya Pravala Pisti, and Divya Medha Vati . These make the person slowly come back to normalcy and they improve the blood flow to the brain. Slowly the brain shows concentration and memory improvement.

The sad feelings soon start to diminish and the brain calms down and the person does not concentrate excessively on grief and sadness. The brain gets nutrition and the depression reduces because the agitated nature settles down. Adequate supply of oxygen to the brain makes sure that the brain functions in a good manner and the person is more in control of the self.

Because the acute and miserable feelings of depression are settled, the weakness and fatigue gets treated and the person slowly starts to mingle with other members. As the isolation is removed the person starts getting interested in other activities of interest. A depressed person normally shies away from exercise but with these natural medications the person starts to exercise and heal from within. The doom and destructive feelings soon start to dissipate and the person does not feel lifeless and disinterested anymore. The normal chores like studying, sleeping, eating and meeting people start to improve and the purpose of life is achieved.

Control Bilirubin And Cholesterol Levels To Stop Gallstone Formation


A small organ in the abdomen that helps in the digestive process is the gall bladder. The gall bladder releases a secretion or compound into the small intestine for the digestion of food. This secretion is called bile juice and it acts on the food particles and the fats of the food are broken down and then absorbed by the body. The particles of the bile sometimes get together and they end up as gall bladder stones that have a tendency to slip into the bile duct to block the free flow of the secretion.

h9991361_003If the gall stones become large and disturb the normal functioning of the body then it can lead to harmful digestive problems, nausea and pain in the upper abdomen. Gall stones are a result of excessive bilirubin or cholesterol in gall bladder. The high levels of bilirubin may be because the gall bladder is not functioning properly and getting rid of the secretions appropriately, but there is no definite cause of gallstone formation given.

Are you fond of a calorie rich high fatty junk food diet? You need to be careful specially if you are a woman. Obesity and diabetics also need to be very careful as they face the risk of gallstones. Genetics also need to be studied so that preventive medication for gall bladder stones can be taken.

There is a way out of this- Ayurveda. The ancient science of healing in India has been utilised by Baba Ramdev who created the safe and effective Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for Gall Bladder stones. These remedies are created out of a combination of medicinal herbs. These herbs are processed and their extracts are taken and converted into medicines or powders for the benefit of the people. These remedies have been used from traditional times and are slowly gaining a lot of popularity in today’s world. The gall bladder remedy targets liver function and metabolism to treat the gall stones.

If there is an imbalance in the digestive system, metabolism and biochemical functioning of the body , it can lead to gall bladder stones. Gallstones may not show any visible symptoms and may lie latent in the body for a long time. Its only when their size increases beyond proportion and they start to block the bile duct that it needs to be attended to right away. This may need surgical intervention, oral medications or injectables.

Cholecystectomy or removing the gall bladder may have to be scheduled when the gall bladder shows symptoms and starts to effect normal life of a person. Gallstones have to be either dissolved or removed and Ayurveda can be very helpful in this case. The stones can recur thus a preventive medication needs to be taken regularly to avoid this condition. The gall bladder functions can be performed by the liver if it is removed. Ayurveda also detoxifies the body and when there is an alteration of diet along with herbal remedies it can be very effective in treating gall bladder stones. Include citrus fruits, ginger, turmeric and other Vitamin C enriched products to keep the gall bladder healthy.

Oligospermia Cause Of Infertility, Take Natural Treatment


Infertility in men may be because of a low sperm count or oligospermia, and this is mainly because of a defect in the testes, or other parts of the reproductive system. Can you imagine the emotional trauma that a man goes through if he is desperate to start a family? Men always want children and a happy family life at the end of the day, and if they are unable to do so because of a low sperm count, it leaves them broken and complexed.


You do not have to be disappointed as there are plenty of medicinal herbs in nature which can treat oligospermia in an effective manner and the Indian Yoga Guru , Ramdev has developed the ayurvedic and organic based Baba Ramdev medicine For Oligospermia Infertility. This natural herbal medication helps in improving the nutrition to the reproductive organs and also increases the sperm count and chances of fertility.

Treatment is definitely needed for men who have an unhealthy sperm that is not capable of fertilising the ovum. For zygote formation it’s a must to have a fusion between the sperm and the ova. But insufficient or weak sperms cannot fertilize the female gamete, and this results in infertility. The sperms may be immotile and may not have the strength to swim up to the ovum. Men of any caste, creed or religion can suffer from oligospermia. The sad bit is that the sex life of the couple may be extremely active and regular, but the low count of the sperms or other sperm related problems prevent the woman from getting fertilised. Many men have no idea about this condition and they are unaware that there may be a genetic disposition involved.

There are various reasons for a poor sperm count and an unhealthy diet, hormonal imbalance, chromosomal abnormality, substance abuse, nicotine and alcohol consumption, genetic conditions, caffeine excess, varicocele, and excessive hot baths or vigorous exercises may lead to oligospermia.

Give yourself a year and if you are unable to conceive a child then you need to get yourself checked for a low sperm count. There are various fertility tests that have to be performed on both the men and women and the problems can be dealt to a large extent. Natural herbal treatments have shown a lot of promise and a large number of people are slowly going organic with their medical treatment.

Nature has a huge combination of herbs which are processed to take out herbal extracts and regular use of these remedies can help increase sperm motility and sperm count. Herbs like Yauvanamrit Vati, shilajit, and Chandra prabha Vati help in the process of reproduction by keeping the sperm count high and active and by boosting the sluggish immune system. The hormones are balanced and the male health and fertility improves with these therapies.

Natural way of life treats the person without any side effect and also provides the male a chance of producing a child. Alcohol and nicotine disturb the normal progress of the sperm so it is necessary to control these vices.

Not Conceiving A Child? Get Your Infertility Treated Naturally


In today’s world, infertility complications are on the peek and many couples land up with the infertility specialist to get medical attention. After trying sexual closeness for more than a year, they are left bereft without a baby. Loads of effort, time and money goes into these fertility consultations and many times you end up loosening the purse strings even more.

In infertility the couple is unable to conceive a baby even after having unprotected sexual contact for more than a year or two years. The lack of conception may be due to some physical, natural or unnatural abnormalities and the couple may be constantly moving in and out of the clinic trying out various fertility treatments.

The reproductive system cannot perform perfectly if there is a physical abnormality in the reproductive organs. Pelvic area abnormalities, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, uterine or ovarian complications may be responsible for infertility, because these conditions do not permit the fertilization to happen in a natural manner.


Infertility may also be a result of hormonal imbalances or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Lack or excess of a hormone can cause the body to function abnormally, and maybe the main reason for infertility. Lots of couples are unaware of the problems lurking in their body. They may be heedless that they can conceive a child if they take the safe and effective baba ramdev medicine For Infertility. Herbal medicines are prepared after careful selection from nature and their extracts are taken out and they are processed and refined to make capsules, powders and syrups. These remedies have shown promise in many cases but lots of people are still unaware that these therapies can help them treat their infertile condition.

Stress, diseases and medication can also affect fertility of a person. Stress often disturbs a person and sexual activity becomes negligible. Normally the sperm is accepted by the ovum and gets fertilized but if the immune system of the woman takes it as a foreigner and starts to build up antibodies to destroy it, then fertilization becomes an impossible task unless treated differently. The fertility specialist examines and diagnoses the patient and then suggests the treatment options. Women who are underweight or obese can land up with serious health issues.

Health and healing are the motto of herbal medication and they use ayurvedic knowledge to search out herbs and plants with medicinal properties and use their extracts for medicines. Women need to keep their “over-exercise” urge under control and women who keep lying back and resting also need to move about or else it will lead to low fertility. Sexually transmitted diseases need to be treated at the earliest and the person also needs to be aware of over exposure to harmful chemicals.

Men also suffer from infertility because of many reasons. Besides having structural abnormalities in their reproductive organs, the man may suffer from erectile dysfunction, low sperm count or poor sperm motility. There are other reasons also due to which a person is unable to conceive a child.

Why Do Some People Suffer From Headache Chronically?


Usually, most people suffer from headaches at one point of time or the other in their lives. Common headaches are triggered due to variety of causes with stress being the major reason out of these. Also skipping of meals, dehydration, lack of proper rest and sleep, extreme physical and mental exertion may cause headaches. Such headaches generally get relieved or treated automatically or by using some pain-killers or analgesics.

images (1)
However, some people may be seen suffering from headache chronically. It means they keep on experiencing headaches in routine for 10-15 days at a stretch. They may complain of headaches on daily basis. It may start interfering with routine life and activities. Such headaches are definitely a matter of worry. Proper and effective treatment options such as Baba Ramdev Health pack For Chronic Headache need to be used in such cases.

What actually causes chronic headaches?

Definitely, there are some specific reasons for occurrence of chronic headaches. There is multitude of reasons or triggering factors for chronic headaches as listed below.

  • People who have suffered from distressing brain injury may suffer from chronic headaches. It may be due to severe damage caused to certain parts of the brain. As a result, normal brain functions are affected in a negative way. Hence headaches may be experienced by such people on daily basis.
  • In some cases, inflammation or other problems with the blood vessels present in and around the brain may also result in chronic headaches. Brain stroke is also one among such issues. Due to inflammation, the normal supply of blood and oxygen to the brain cells is obstructed. As a consequent of this, chronic headaches are caused.
  • Those who suffer from certain infections including meningitis are also at high risk of suffering from headaches chronically. Again normal brain functions get affected in this case. This in turn gives rise to the problem of chronic headache.
  • Brain tumour is also one among the major reasons for occurrence of chronic headache. Due to presence of tumour in the brain, the brain cells don’t get nutrients, blood and oxygen normally for their routine functions. As a consequent of this, chronic headaches are experienced by the patients.
  • Chronic headaches may be triggered due to excessively high or low intracranial pressure as well.

What are the risk factors for occurrence of chronic headaches?

There are certain risk factors that may increase the risk of occurrence of chronic headaches in some people as compared to others.

  1. People who are exposed to stress, tension and anxiety frequently are at high risk of suffering from chronic headaches.
  2. Women are comparatively at high risk of suffering from such headaches as compared to men. It is due to hormonal changes in the bodies of women every month at the time of menstrual periods or menopause.
  3. Problems in sleeping properly and soundly may also result in chronic headaches.
  4. Those who consume caffeine in various forms excessively may also fall prey to headaches chronically.
  5. Those who take pain-killers or analgesics for headache relief quite frequently may also become victims of this problem.

Proper guidance and medication may help in overcoming the problem of chronic headaches in an efficient manner.

What Is Deafness? How Is It Caused?



Ears are among the five sense organs of the human body. Like other body parts and organs, ears are also prone to suffer from numerous problems. Some of the common problems related to ears are deafness, otorrhagia and tympanitis. Out of these, deafness is the major problem that is suffered by most people. It is a common problem in elderly people or those advancing towards old age. It is due to decrease in the capacity of muscles and other parts of the ears to work properly. Apart from this, deafness may even be caused in young people as well as children. First of all we need to know what deafness is according to medical science.


Definition of deafness

Medically, deafness is a condition that is characterized by complete inability to hear sounds. Under this condition, a person suffers from complete loss of hearing any types of sounds. Unlike hearing loss deafness makes a person completely irresponsive to sounds. Anyone irrespective of age and gender may suffer from deafness. It may occur slowly as well as suddenly. The latter condition is generally caused by viral infections or some severe injuries.

Slow damage to the nerves of the ears or certain minor injuries may also gradually develop into deafness. Even deafness may be noticed in new born babies as well. It may be due to genetic factors or certain other reasons. It implies deafness as well as other ear problems is not just caused by one reason. Rather multiple factors may be blamed for causing deafness in a person.

What are the various possible reasons for deafness?

Deafness may be caused due to variety of reasons as mentioned below:-

i. Infections in the ears are one among the major reasons for causing deafness. Slow or even sudden damage caused to the ears may result in deafness in some cases.

ii. In certain cases, it is noticed that deafness is caused as a result of build up of fluids behind the eardrum. It results in obstruction of sound waves from reaching the internal organs of the ears. As a result, the patient is unable to hear properly.

iii. Some people have holes in the ear drum. The holes in the eardrum may be caused due to use of some sharp objects or some other injuries. Hence the person is not able to get sound waves properly and completely in the internal organs of the ears. This in turn leads to deafness.

iv. Any types of problems with the middle ear bones may also result in deafness.

v. Some cases of deafness are largely caused due to tumours. Occurrence of tumour results in blockage of the sound from getting into the inner ear. As a consequent of this, the concerned person suffers from deafness.

vi. New born babies get deafness from their mothers through defective genes. Family history of the disease may also result in deafness in the babies.

Ramdev medicine For Deafness, Otorrhagia &Tympanitis may be used by the patients to cure different types of problems related to the ears. It is a safe approach towards management of different types of problems associated with the ears.