If, for around half the month, a person complains of headaches, and his or her complaint has been persistent for almost three months, then it’s time to get a consult from a physician. It may be because of chronic headaches, that the person is disturbed and in pain. These headaches may leave a person tired but the normal chores are not disturbed and can be done. They just make a person feel tired and irritable because of loud sounds and bright lights. If the headache is a result of tension then one feels as if a tight band is wrapped across the forehead. When a tension headache becomes chronic it can be very depressing and tiring.


Generally people who have tension headaches have a tendency to end up with chronic headaches. This may happen because of the typical tense position of the head and awkwardness in the back of the neck when it gets gripped by a headache. The neck and back of head muscles are strained and tense during anxious periods and this triggers a string of chronic headaches.

A large number of headaches are chronic with no exact cause diagnosed. The headache may be because of an infection like meningitis or it may be because of low or high intracranial pressure, brain injury, brain tumour or inflammation in the blood vessels surrounding the brain, or stroke history.

The headaches may also be because of a postural abnormality, cervical related pain, stiffness of neck, rebound headache because of painkillers or other strong medications. High blood pressure, anxiety or hormonal imbalance may also lead to headaches. There are many people who complain of headaches, when there is an acute change in temperature. There are some drugs that may prevent a headache from starting out, but these need to be advised by a physician. One out of thirty people are said to suffer from this condition.

Severity is not the question here; it’s the duration and persistence of the chronic headache that is counted in this case. People can take a preventative medication to feel better and deal with this disabling condition but this means loading the body with another chemical.

Eye strain, hunger and tiredness can also cause a headache that can end up as chronic. You may have noticed that people who are sitting for long hours in front of the television or the laptop often complain of headaches that refuse to go away. Flexing the muscles of the neck and the back may relieve the pain a little but the chronic headaches normally, are relieved only after a pain killer of a muscle relaxant is taken. Alcohol and caffeine act as trigger factors for regular headaches but there are many people who have got hereditary as a hereditary gift from their ancestors. Treatments are conventional and natural; the choice depends on the people.

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