A person who is troubled by weight gain is often traumatized at the sight of the weighing scales. The sight of the tipping scales demoralizes a person, who is desperately trying to reduce weight. The increasing size of the waist and the hips make the person realize that the calories are adding onto the body weight incessantly and soon the tag of “fat” will be attached to the name, unless something is done about it.


First and foremost start by sleeping properly and reduce the junk food content in your diet. People do not realize that they are loading their body with calories, when they sip on the sugar rich colas and drinks. Hamburgers, French fries and pizzas are all foods that are heavy on calorie content and eating them regularly, means that you are adding a huge amount of calories to your frame.

Have you been sleeping erratically and lesser than normal? You can be assured that you have added a few calories to your frame. It’s a necessity to sleep properly, so that you can stop the calories from adding on to your body, and to keep the rising weight under control. Adequate sleep is necessary to shrug off the stacked up fat deposits. There are some medicines and medical therapies that lead to metabolic disturbances in body along with unwanted fat deposits. There are some drugs that are used to control rising blood sugar and these encourage weight gain.

You can control the rising weight gain under control with the help of the safe Ramdev medicine for obesity. The herbal extracts included in the ayurvedic therapies to control obesity are effective and used in a combination. The therapies are safe and the best effects are seen with ayurvedic medicine called Divya Medohar vati that can help keep the appetite under control and also balance the weight. The digestive system improves with this natural medicine and also keeps the hormonal imbalance under control. The blood sugar levels are controlled with this medication and the pancreas functions well.

Baba Ramdev also offers the Divya Peya, a herbal tea, and Divya Triphala churna, to take care of different body parts by providing them with proper nutrition. This therapy also controls appetite and hunger pangs. The hormones are balanced and the digestive system functions properly. Ayurvedic treatments if combined with yogic poses help in strengthening the internal organs of the body. Burning calories with proper yoga asanas will help in shedding off extra weight on the body.

Fatty deposits can make you obese and you have to shed them. It’s not easy to lose weight but the right nutritious diet and proper exercise patterns will make sure that you can shed off the extra calories. Heavy people often start to complain about knee pain and heart burn so you need to control the increasing size for sure.

Baba Ramdev has also developed the Divya peya herbal tea that helps in losing weight. The herbal mixture is boiled and made into tea that helps in burning the fatty deposits that collect on the body. The tea also helps the person regain energy levels in a natural manner by helping in the correct digestion of food.