Pollution is a common problem in many developing countries like India and sinusitis is commonly associated with an environment that is ladled with smoke and pollutants. Sinusitis, rhinitis and Coryza are troublesome respiratory conditions that affect the sinus, lungs and the respiratory tract of the human being. Sinus can be frontal, maxillary and sphenoid. Their main purpose is to keep pollen, dust particles, smoke etc away from entering the body.


The sinuses start collecting a fluid that drains into the nose via a thin small tube, which can get clocked easily with mucus. When this tube like structure is blocked, the fluid of the sinus starts to collect inside and the mucosal layer of the sinus get inflamed and swollen. This makes the person very uncomfortable and fidgety. The area hurts because the sinus spaces become congested and inflamed. The infection may also spread to the throat, lungs and ears.

Depending on the type of sinus, the pain can radiate from the back or top of head to the cheeks, or pain behind eyes. Blocked sinus can cause problems like puffiness, swelling and redness of the eyes, poor vision and even dark circles. The person has a tendency to constantly rub the eyes and this can lead to a squint in the long run. The patient may also complain of meningitis, allergy, indigestion ear infections, tonsillitis, lung problems, and adenoids. Common cold because of a fungal, viral or bacterial infection may lead to sinusitis.

Another medical complication that people often complain of is rhinitis and Coryza. When the immune system of the body starts to act on a harmless substance and brands it as a harmful intruder, it leads to a condition called allergic rhinitis. The body starts to naturally release chemical mediators and histamines to deal with this causing throat, eyes, nose, ears and oral cavity symptoms. This allergy may be seasonal and a result of exposure to change of season, pollen grains in the atmosphere, urine, dried skin flakes, pet dander, mold, cockroaches, dust, perfumes, humidity, inhalants and strong odors, mite droppings, smoke, smog and temperature alterations etc.

Sometimes a person may complain of nasal congestion and runny nose all year through then it may not be an immune system involvement. In this case it may be a general allergy. Doctors often advise people to inhale steam with carom seeds or eucalyptus oil then it can treat acute sinusitis. Yogic breathing or pranayam is also very effective in treating the body of nagging Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis.

Many people have stated that they have felt better after being treated by Baba Ramdev’s medicine for Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis. Cold drinks, sodas, fried foods, refined flour foods, oily products, milk, excessive sugar, bread, liquir, toffee, biscuits etc all are not very good to consume when one is having Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis. Home remedies can definitely make a sifference but ayurvedic products are created out of medicinal herbal extracts and they are safe to use.