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When the joints are affected by rheumatic diseases and other conditions then we call it arthritis. Aches, stiffness, pains and inflammation around the joints make the condition evident. The skin around the joint often looks red and inflamed. It is not necessary for all the joints to be affected by this autoimmune condition, only one joint can also be involved. You may be taken by surprise one morning, and experience a severe joint pain that refuses to abate.


Arthritis may also affect the internal organs besides the immune system of the body. The symptoms may be widespread in some cases and strain a lot of organs. Arthritis is partial to age and many people over 65 years complain of joint inflammation. Youngsters and children can also complain of arthritic pain. If left untreated, arthritis can also distort the shape of the joints causing deformities. The patient has a tendency to become anaemic and have a low grade fever.

Initially the doctor holds a physical examination of the condition. The skin around joints, their warmth, limited movement, redness and inflammation of joints all are carefully observed by a doctor. The blood and fluids are extracted and the inflammation levels are assessed with other laboratory tests. This can determine the kind of arthritis the patient suffers from.

Other imaging scans used by doctors for assessing the condition of the patient include MRI, CT scans and x-rays. The bones and cartilages can be checked out thoroughly with these investigative methods. Bone spurs also cause similar symptoms and these tests can help the doctor distinguish between different conditions.

The condition is there to stay or it can become better by taking ayurvedic medications like Ramdev medicine for arthritis, which contains medicinal properties. The medical specialists aim to improve the painful condition and halt the joint damage. Divya pidantak tail and Divya pidantak ointment if massaged on the aching joints can be very helpful. This lubricates the joint from deep within and also helps in reduce the inflammation and tenderness. Divya Yograj Guggulu and Divya Amavatari Ras are also very helpful in this condition.

Arthritis can be managed but there is no cure for it. The pain can be kept under control but the damaged cartilage and distorted shape of the joint cannot be replaced by anything. Joint function and ease of movement is what the ayurvedic medications aspire for. Conventional treatments offer painkillers for the pain and anti inflammatory treatments to keep the joint inflammation down.

These treatments are the most relied on but their influence is temporary and the medications have to be repeated regularly as they numb the pain. Many people have had to undergo a surgery to bring back activity to the joint. Surgical intervention may be the only option and may lead to the replacement of the arthritic joint with a metal artificial joint. The problem remains but the pain is reduced.

Ayurvedic medicines treat the problem from deep within and also provide nutritional supplementation to the area. The joints get nutrients, vitamins and minerals and the pain is reduced in a natural manner.