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Medical science refers to piles as hemorrhoids mostly. This is a condition that causes the rectal veins of anal region to get dilated and tender. These veins have extremely thin walls which start bleeding at the slightest manipulation. The veins bulge out of the anus and surround the area like small miniature balloons. Sitting sedentary on the weak veins applies undue pressure on the area and it triggers this condition.


One of the main reasons for piles is constipation. The lack of water in the body causes the stool to be pushed out of the anus hard and in the bargain it tears the sides causing bleeding or acute pain. Including high fibrous foods and lots of water in the diet will make sure that there is plenty of bulk in the intestines and the extra hydration by the sufficient fluids and water, makes sure that stool slips out easily. Piles can be kept under control by taking extra fiber daily and this will help put a natural pressure on the bowels to excrete the stools out.

Piles, maybe external and in this they lie outside the anus covered by skin. These are acutely painful because the area has plenty of nerves and blood vessels. Internal piles are just inside anal opening and cannot be seen easily. These are lesser painful because of the number of nerve endings in this area are much lesser. The internal piles can be detected only during a doctor’s examination, though both piles may exist side by side.

Bowel movements may cause excruciating pain in external piles. The anal area may show bleeding after you finish defecation or it may be evident when you wipe yourself clean. External piles are evident as a protruding mass that comes out during stool passage and retract back when the stool is completely excreted. People with this kind of anal trouble may complain of anal leakage as well.

The anal orifice may also feel itchy, and it is imperative to keep area clean and hygienic. Piles may cause anemia also. The best way to treat piles is to treat symptoms. Take iron supplements for anemia and water with lots of fiber for constipation. Topical applications are recommended for treating the evident hemorrhoids.

Swami Ramdev medicines for piles are also very helpful in treating this condition. This medicine includes Divya Arshakalp Vati that can be taken after a proper consult with the ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurvedic treatments are natural and totally safe. The bleeding and pain caused by piles can be reduced to a great extent with the help of this natural remedy. This medicine helps in treat piles from deep within. This therapy also helps in detoxifying the body and the excreta are removed from the body easily and smoothly.

The blood supply to the rectum improves and the region is supplied with essential nutrients. The pain of the rectum is reduced to a great extent and the inflammation including other discomfort is treated well. This therapy helps in control both bleeding and non-bleeding piles.