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Can we compare the heart and the lungs to the kidneys? Kidneys hold a place of grave importance in the body as they are in charge of excretion of toxic wastes. The body cannot function without a proper digestive, respiratory or cardio-vascular system, similarly the excretory functions are of acute importance.

There are millions of people who fall a prey to some kind of kidney problem but it is not detected on time and the disease starts to progress further. Just like high blood pressure, kidney problems stay symptomless in the body for many years silently because of lack of awareness of the condition. Your overall health stays better if the kidneys are looked after properly. Normally a complication with the heart such as high blood pressure or diabetes etc, are the main reason for kidney diseases.

Kidneys are in charge of filtration of the blood, and it helps in removing the toxic impurities and wastes from the body. Any faltering in these functions can lead to degenerative conditions of the body like high blood pressure, strokes, heart failures, diabetes and maybe cancer.


The toxins collect in the blood stream and are removed from the body by filtration of blood plasma by the kidneys. Kidneys have an amazing filtering capacity and because of this they help the person stay healthy and full of life. The useful chemicals are retained by the body and the waste substances are thrown out of the body. The kidneys also help in the production of hormones that are responsible for the regulation of the blood pressure levels.

The kidneys also take care of the PH level in the blood, blood volume and production of red blood cells. The fact may astonish you but the kidneys filter a huge amount, almost more than 180 liters of blood, in a single day. If the kidneys stop proper functioning then important protein of the body starts getting secreted out through the urine and this can be very dangerous.

Slowly as the kidney health fails it leads to kidney failure. In this stage, the wastes and toxins of the body start to collect and disrupt the normal chemical balance. The volume and thickness of various fluids and blood inside the body get disturbed and the whole normal functioning is distorted. To survive a kidney failure person needs kidney transplant or regular dialysis.

Be extra careful if you have diabetes, heart diseases, or high blood pressure. People, who smoke, are suffering from obesity or have high cholesterol need to take care of their kidneys. Kidney complications may also travel down generations and is commonly seen in people who are above 65 years of age. Keep checks on the kidney functioning through the kidney function tests such as urea, creatnine and uric acid levels. The blood and the urine tests are depictive of any kind of change in the performance of the kidney. This regular monitoring will help detect any kind of impending kidney trouble.

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