Out of control and erratic cell growth leads to a class of medical disorders termed as cancer. Considering the kind of cell that has been affected, physicians and the medical fraternity have named this medical complication- cancer, like Prostate cells cause prostate cancer, an out-of-control growth of colon cells leads to colon cancer, blood cells cause leukemia etc.

When the cell growth carries on in an unstoppable manner and they start to gather together in masses, we call them tumors. This inconsistent and abnormal division of cells leads to lumpy tissue development that prohibits the normal functioning of the body. These tumorous growths have an influence on the body functions, and start to affect the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems because of hormonal upheaval. Tumors may be widespread and can start to extend their tentacles to different organs in the body or they may be restricted to one area. The growths which stick to one place are benign in nature, and those spread out have a tendency to be malignant.

The harmful cancer cell with dangerous intent, moves throughout the body through the lymphatic and blood systems, and start to enter into the healthy cells, with destruction as their aim. They invade the healthy cells through invasion and start to eat into it. The blood vessels start to feed into themselves and the cell division carries on incessantly. Cancer can be of different kinds such as prostate, anal endometrial, bone, blood, kidney, stomach, testicular, leukemia, breast, vaginal, colon, vesticular, colorectal, ovarian, vulvar, pancreatic and many more. Timely treatment can help save lives, and it is imperative to get the diagnosis done at the earliest.

Soon the cell growth starts to spread to different organs of the body, and the healthy tissues are destroyed and eaten away. This is when the body confronts a serious medical state, and treatment becomes an ordeal. Cancer may or may not be treated completely with conventional medications, but there have been promising results with Baba Ramdev medicines for cancer.

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Herbal extracts like Divya Kayakalp Kwath, Divya Sarva-kalpa kvatha, Divya Sanjivani vati, Divya Sila sindura, Divya Tamra Bhasma, Divya Giloy sat, Divya Abhraka bhasma, Divya swarna basanta malati, Divya Mukta pisti, Divya pravala panchamrita, Divya heerak bhasm, Divya kanchanar guggulu, and Divya vriddhivadhika vati all deal with cancer pertaining to different body parts. The cells are provided nutrition by these medicinal herbal therapies and helps control the inconsistent cell growth.

Cancer is one of the main reasons for death in the modern world and millions grapple with it every day. The medical fraternity has a limited knowledge about this dreaded disease. There are some definite causative factors, which can lead to cancer in the long run.

Alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, UV exposure, and tanning beds are known to lead to cancer so it is better to stay away from these hazardous substances. Be regular with your medical checkups as cancer can be treated if traced out on time. Good fitness levels and a healthy nutritious diet will also help person stay fit and well.