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Disordered production and balance of insulin is the major cause of diabetes. As such we need to maintain it to the desired levels. Millions of people across the globe are challenged with diabetes that may be caused due to wrong foods &poor intake of minerals, vitamins and iron. Many people lead comfortable lives without any physical activities and suffer from deficiency of vitamin C. All such persons are prone to this disease that puts them to big problems. Large many people take conventional medicines. Few of such remedies sometimes lead to complications without any fruitful results. That’s the reason that many diabetic patients now prefer ayurvedic remedies. Free from any harmful chemicals or other agents responsible for disordered blood sugar and insulin; these herbal formulations work wonders and give big relief.


Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Institutions since set up by Swami Ramdev Ji facilitate wonderful remedies for different medicines including diabetes. Wonderful results are experienced by the patients.

Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure including the following has been able to cure millions of diabetic patients across the globe:

Divya Shilajit Vati – Rich contents of Shilajit as the major component of this medicine works wonders in giving excellent results to the patients. Diabetic patients that take this medicine in regular manners are able to say NO to disordered insulin and blood sugar. They do not experience any inconvenience with its even use.

Divya Madhunashini Vati This special medicine helps in killing the symptoms of excessive sugar in human blood. The herbal ingredients in this Vati are able to get rid of diabetes in big way. No side effects are caused with this remedy that treats in natural manners. This medicine acts like a strong immunizer that is useful in saying NO to chronic diseases including diabetes.

Diabetes Package – One of the most effective diabetic medicines; this package helps in bringing down the blood sugar to the requisite levels. Those suffering from frequent urination must try this package that is free from toxins, disease causing agents and other substances that aggravate diabetes.

Yoga DVD for diabetes – Not any remedy; this electronic tool helps in giving excellent relief if the yoga asana and physical exercises in it are performed as suggested by the Yoga Guru. Diabetes can be cured well by sticking to the specific methods in this DVD since advised by Swami Ramdev.

Popularity of Ramdev’s remedies – The recent years have witnessed a great demand, supply and popularity of Ramdev medicine for diabetes cure. The herbal components in these medicines are able to treat the disease in natural manners. Levels of blood sugar and insulin are maintained well. No complications are reported with these medicines that undergo ayurvedic principles, good manufacturing practices and strict safety checks. The rates of these formulations are cheaper as compared to other medicines. A chain of Divya and Patanjali branches in India and abroad caters to the needs of the diabetic patients. Home delivery without any extra charges is also made to the needy persons.