One of God’s best gifts to mankind is Shilajit, a natural remedy to treat all kinds of weaknesses. Besides helping in preventing the body from succumbing to different diseases, Shilajit also has amazing anti-aging properties. The compounds that make up this nutritionally rich supplement show their effect on the body within a few days of consumption. Try out this dark brackish colored natural rejuvenator and restorator, that has been obtained directly from the mountains.

People long to gather praises about their young looks and lack of wrinkles on the skin, and this feat is possible if Shilajit is taken regularly. Shilajit, the mountain tar-colored wonder works on a cellular level and makes sure that the body stays infused and bustling with energy. With the help of this natural substance, cell rejuvenation takes place. Cell damage is halted, and the body gets anti-oxidants that are necessary to protect it from disease attacks.

The hectic lifestyle, lack of sufficient exercise, bad diet, dangerous pollutants, genetic makeup, disease attack and societal cum cultural pressures, leave the body tired and worn out. With age, natural elasticity of the body is lost and the cells and tissues of all parts and organs of body start to show signs of wear and tear.

People try to treat the problem evident on the skin and slobber loads of over the counter topical applications, lotions, creams, to look good, but is this the right thing to do? Can your skin shine with health and can the dark circles and wrinkles be wiped off with these simple applications? No, the skin and body needs to be pampered from deep within.

In this case, Shilajit can deal very effectively with the tiredness faced by the body. This reduces the speed of the tissue and cell aging and leaves the body energetic and strong. Try out the Shilajit extract that is available easily in Patanjali Shilajit capsules. Men often state that they feel an increase in sexual desire and energy when they take Shilajit capsules.
Research has also shown that there is an improvement in sperm motility and sperm count in men who are taking Shilajit regularly. You can also perk up the fertility levels, sexual prowess, energy and immune levels with the help of this mountain “wonder”. The body oozes vitality with the help of this general tonic.

Along with Shilajit take milk and drink loads of water to keep the body free of toxins and tissue supple. Shilajit helps treat sexual dysfunctions, keeps sperm motile and healthy and increases sexual energy. Get ready to bring your weak immune system back into action. Green vegetables need to be a part of your daily life and alcohol, smoking and other kinds of substance abuse need to be kept at arm’s length.

The capsules are safe for use but you need to consult the ayurvedic practitioner before you start ingesting them. Tea, coffee and other addictive substances also need to be minimized as they are not healthy. Shilajit, the oldest tar-colored mineral resin is naturally available in the mountains and has been a part of ayurvedic treatments since ages galore!