Have you ever felt agonizing pain in the anal region when you go to defecate? Does the stool accompany bright red blood? Hemorrhoids are clumps and tissues of the anal canal that have inflamed and become engorged with blood. You may be suffering from a condition called piles. These hemorrhoids are enriched in blood vessels and sometimes they get agitated to an extent that they split and burst spurting out blood, muscles, support tissues and elastic fibers.

Generally piles are self limiting and disappear on their own. They may be present inside or outside the anal canal. Constipation, lack of fiber and fluids, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, putting pressure while defecating and no exercise, are the main reasons for piles. Piles can be easily diagnosed by a specialist and can be generally felt as a hardened lump in or around the anus. A feeling of full bowels all the time is one of the symptoms of piles. The patient suffering from hemorrhoids normally expels bright red blood with stools, and then experiences anal itchiness. The anal area ends up sore, tender and red. There may be mucus discharge and pain while passing stools.arshkalpvati-big

Piles are swellings on or inside the anus or rectum that contain swollen blood vessels. Often in piles, a tissue lump hangs outside the anus. This is because the swollen tissues are pushed out by the stool pressure. The person has to manually insert the swollen lump back inside the anus, after defecation is complete. The stools contain bright red blood and mucus deposits as well. Hemorrhoids become painful if their blood supply is hindered. There may be serious reasons for rectal bleeding, so it is a must to get piles investigated by a colorectal specialist. Piles medications can be purchased easily at the chemist but it is better to take natural medication that is safe and prepared out of medicinal herbs.

Any kind of manipulation of the rectum and anus can lead to the splitting of the blood vessels and the tissue clumps get together and discharge from the area. Laxatives, topical steroidal applications and diet alterations are the best ways to deal with piles. A sedentary lifestyle involving lot of sitting can lead to piles. The best way is to have soft stools and this is possible if there is a lot of fluid intake.

Baba Ramdev medicines for piles include Divya Arshkalp Vati that reduces pain in the area. It contains medicinal herbs such as Pure Rasaunt, Bark of soap nut, Haritaki, and Nimba that are very helpful in treating constipation. Leave the spicy and fried foods alone and take the Divya Arshkalp Vati, which helps in stool softening. This remedy also makes the digestive system work properly and the body stays protected from constipation and difficult defecation. The stools are softened and they do not exert undue pressure on the internal tissues.

The ayurvedic product has been prepared under strict hygiene conditions is safe even if it is taken for a long period.