Young looking skin that shines with freshness and luminescence is the envy of many and it instantly grabs attention. People are willing to go to any lengths to look young and they work on their appearance at all times. They love being praised for their fresh and young skin, but will they stay young looking for years and years or will they lose the supple skin glow?

It is natural to age as the years creep on, and this starts to show on the skin. The atmosphere is loaded on pollutants and environmental changes, and these drastic alterations all around, treat the skin harshly. Wrinkles, sagging and creases start to show on the face and the skin texture changes drastically as age increases. The person feels tired and fatigued and the skin looses elasticity.


As age increases tiredness and exhaustion becomes evident on the skin. This is because the tissues on the skin lose their elasticity and they slowly start to deteriorate. Over exposure to the sun rays and dirt makes the person look older and the facial skin starts to lack glow and luster. All the cells have a lifespan and when this ends, the cell dies. The skin cells also start to naturally age as one grows older. A person, who has a weak immune system and often falls sick, cannot have a good skin. Other reasons why the skin loses glow are hormonal imbalance, poor diet and lack of proper exercise. Take out some precious moments from your daily routine for that precious shut-eye and let your skin feel supple and young longer.

People often start to apply medicines or take medications that they have purchased over the counter to look younger. They don’t realize that these medicines are loaded on chemicals and cannot halt the process of aging; rather they ruin the skin texture with prolonged use. People may be ladled with skin problems like brown spots and skin pigmentation in their desire to look younger. Tablets, creams, potions, lotions, and other applications can temporarily make a person look younger but it is not a permanent solution. You can look younger with the help of herbal extracts if you take them regularly.

Baba Ramdev studied ayurveda and has realized the miraculous benefits of medicinal herbs. He came out with herbal medications that are safe and effective. These remedies clean the body of toxins and help cleanse the blood. Baba Ramdev has used Shilajit extract to slow down the aging process of the body and also give a natural boost to the immune system. Shilajit was used in ancient times to improve sexual energy and stamina in people. Baba Ramdev has created Shilajit capsules patanjali that work as an effective anti-aging product. Body weakness in both women and men can be treated with the help of these capsules. The body stays energetic and strong because of this tonic herbal remedy.

The cells are naturally rejuvenated and the anti-oxidant levels increased in the body. This helps the cells stay nurtured for a longer time. The Shilajit capsules patanjali help in increasing stamina and the person feels energetic and strong. This medicine also helps in keeping the body fit and sexual dysfunctions at bay. To stay younger and full of vigor it’s a must to avoid additives like caffeine, alcohol and tea and drink a lot of water.