One of the main concerns for health that is a cause for worry worldwide is obesity or over weight. When the weight of a person is not proportionate according to the height and falls in the higher range, then the person is obese. Bad food habits, erratic lifestyles and a fondness for junk food have led to the obesity menace. Flaps of fat that hang off the body make the person look repulsive and ugly. This embarrasses a person to no end, and some way has to be found out to lose weight. Obesity causes life threatening diseases like cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

Obesity exposes a person to life threatening diseases and may be the main reason for a person collapsing. To maintain an ideal weight and to lose weight it is a must to keep the food intake down, have corrective herbal remedies and do regular exercises. Losing weight needs to be a part of life. Without realizing it we have started walking the path of wrong eating habits in our aspiration to ape people from the western countries and junk food has become a part of our daily diet. This increase in weight has led to the development of various dangerous diseases.


Extra snacking, cheese laden foods, excessive fried food intake and cola drinks are bad for the body. With these meals the body starts to gain weight and exercise makes no difference. Digestive and the reproductive system become sluggish and do not work to their optimum if a person is obese. The body starts to feel weak and lethargic and it’s a must to find a way to lose weight. Weight loss can be carried out effectively with the help of herbal medications that are safe, even if taken for a long time.

A change in food habits and lifestyle are a must and consuming herbal remedies that have been prepared out of medicinal herbs can help in weight loss. Baba Ramdev has developed some herbal remedies out of medicinal herbs that have amazing curative properties and can help in the process of weight loss.

Yoga and ayurveda can help people stay disease free and healthy and that too in a safe manner. Ramdev medicine for weight loss Divya Medohar vati is the best way out to treat obesity. The herbs in this remedy help in burning the fat deposits at a rapid rate and it contains herbs like Baheda, Amla, Harad, Viavidang, Kutki, Shudha guggul, Nishoth, Babul Gond, and Shilajeet. These herbs are very effective in increasing immunity and reducing weight. The diseases are kept at bay and one stays away from problems like fever, headaches, cough and flu like symptoms that keep taking over the body.

The fat molecules are broken and the appetite is regulated. The Divya Peya Herbal tea makes the body slim and fit. The tea like powder can be brewed and its benefits of burning extra body weight can be enjoyed. Baba Ramdev’s aloe vera juice is also very helpful in weight loss.