Have you noticed that some people go red in the face and often experience shortness of breath? A strange discomfort may be felt in the body that is indecipherable. This discomfort may be because of high blood pressure. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure, but it is not a safe condition of the body. A high blood pressure reading indicates that the walls of the blood vessels are strained and under great pressure because of the force exerted by the blood.


If left untreated, this condition can lead to severe cardio vascular conditions, and a stroke, that can leave a person paralyzed for life. It is imperative to keep this “silent killer” under control. For this, you need to monitor the blood pressure reading with the help of Sphygmomanometer, over a few days and then get medication to keep it under control. You can’t ignore the condition, as it can lead to severe medical disorders like kidney dysfunctions, heart failures, diabetes, etc. Timely diagnosis and medication can help control the rising blood pressure readings.

Physicians generally prescribe chemical based drugs that help in controlling BP but ayurveda offers side effect free treatment to control this pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. Regularity is the key to controlling blood pressure with the help of ayurvedic remedies. These therapies are made out of medicinal herbs which help in controlling this condition. Increasing stress levels also increase high blood pressure and the best way to keep the anxiety levels in control is natural herbal medicines. Temper needs to be kept under control as it is responsible for increasing BP. Calm senses and a de-stressed mind is the best way to stay healthy.

High Blood pressure indicates that there is something wrong with the body somewhere. It leads to a disturbance in the normal organ functioning and the body soon starts to show signs of discomfort. Herbal medications have been the choice of many and their benefits are very promising as they help in keeping a proper body balance. These can be taken safely for a long time, as they have no side effects. Baba Ramdev , who has extensive knowledge of ayurveda, has developed a range of medical products that help in treating different medical disorders. These medicines have the approval stamp of the Government.

BP can be kept under control with the help of Baba Ramdev’s Divya mukta vati. Meditation, avoiding fatty and fried foods, Deep breathing, regular exercise, balanced and regulated diet taken on a regular basis, can keep the rising blood pressure levels under control.

Meditation, deep breathing and practice of proper yogic asanas are imperative to control blood pressure. You can take Diva Mukta Vati two times a day, before breakfast and dinner, and let the arterial flow get regulated naturally. Baba ramdev medicine for high blood pressure also transports essential nutrients to different parts of the body and it also makes the heart functioning strong.