Can you imagine having to gasp for breath and struggle for a dollop of air to enter your lungs? This is a plight that an asthmatic faces if he or she has been exposed to an allergen. The allergen leads to an allergic response by the body and this leads to the build of phlegm in the lungs. This phlegm or mucus sticks hard to the bronchioles and starts to block the passage way of air. The person has to struggle to breathe and starts to feel extremely distressed and restless.

natural ways to cure asthma

Any cold cough or flu infection can turn life threatening in asthmatics. Any sign of cough and cold needs to be given immediate attention or else the infection can move downwards into the lungs and affect the lower respiratory tract. The bacterial or viral infection leads to the accumulation of mucus in the bronchioles and breathing starts to get labored.

Asthma can be termed as an auto immune disorder and this happens because the allergic response of the body goes out of control. The lungs start to become weak and their response becomes labored and sluggish. The inner linings of the lungs start to develop complications like inflammation and the person starts to choke or face severe breathing trouble.

Once the respiratory tubes start to block with the phlegm deposits the breath that comes is like a whistle sound and a weird ‘dog like” cough develops in the body. This whistling sound is called a wheeze and asthmatics are known for their wheezing trouble as this is a characteristic symptom in asthma. Humidity and excess water can be harmful for asthma patients. Asthma patients often get under the weather whenever the season changes. Husk and pollen season and the time when there are dust storms is the most difficult for the patients suffering from asthma, as the bronchioles start getting blocked with mucus deposits.

Breathing becomes an anguish, when the infection starts to take over the body and the narrow airway leaves a person breathless because of lack of air. The person feels lethargic and exhausted all the while and the head thumps with pain often.


Allopathic treatments involve the use of antihistamines and anti-allergic tablets, nebulizers and steroids that affect the immunity of the human body exposing it to the attack of different diseases. Ayurveda is better option here as they have remedies that can be taken over a course of time without the fear of any side effects. These medications help in reducing the production of mucus and also help in the removal of the sticky phlegm from the lungs in a natural manner. One such medicine prescribed by Baba Ramdev is Divya Swasari Ras that helps taper down the mucus production. This remedy, helps in controlling the swelling and tenderness in the lungs, and also makes the person feel comfortable.

Another ayurvedic healing medicine suggested by Baba Ramdev is the Divya Sitopladi churna that helps in boosting the immune system. Baba ramdev asthma medicine also helps in controlling the mucus production that keeps blocking the airway restricting proper breathing. The body starts to once again feel full of vitality and energy. Baba Ramdev has a package for asthma containing Divya Abhrak Bhasm, Divya Praval Pisti and Divya Trikatu Churna to control mucus production in the bronchioles and lungs. Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras and Divya Sanjivini vati are also helpful remedies for controlling asthma.