Females suffer from various health issues. Ayurvedic System of Medicines recommends many herbal remedies for managing the same in effective manners. Herbal healthcare products are also very useful for women. Few of such treatments are furnished below:

  • Blue Vervain – Women suffering from hormone-related anxiety are treated well with its even use. It helps to restore energy and strengthen the body.
  • Black Cohosh – This is another useful herb that is useful for menopause issues. It helps in easing PMS-related pain. Even use works wonders.
  • Dandelion – This useful herb maintains the liver in good conditions. Women suffering from any imbalance must try it. Combined with milk thistle and burdock, this herb gives good results.


Herbal Healthcare Product

  • Dong Quai – Known as the female ginseng; this herb is grown mostly in China. It helps in toning the uterus and building strong blood. It energizes the body.
  • Ginseng – This energetic herb helps the women during menopause conditions. Those taking it regularly are benefited in a big way.
  • Ginger – Enriched with the stomach-soothing and warming features; ginger is helpful in easing the morning sickness and menstrual sickness. This commonly available herb is useful in many ways.
  • Hawthorn – Women suffering from mild depression, heartache or cardiac muscles must try this herb. It is useful in strengthening the body to great extent.
  • Licorice – Women suffering from disordered cycles are helped in balancing the same. It is useful for restoring the energy. Those taking heart medicines or suffering from kidney problems must avoid taking licorice in large quantities.
  • Lady’s Mantle – Rich contents of nutrients and tannins in this herb are useful for treating pain and bleeding. It helps for supporting fertility.
  • Motherwort – Women affected with heart problems, menopause symptoms and disordered menstruation are benefited with motherwort that sets aright other health issues too.
  • Nettle – This is another good herb that contains minerals and vitamins. The reproductive system in the women is strengthened by taking this herb that acts like a strong tonic for them.
  • Oat tops – Reproductive and nervous system in the women is nourished to great extent with these tops. They are much helpful for the females that get enough energy by taking oat tops in regular manners.
  • Raspberry leaves – These leaves act as a strong tonic for the pregnant women. Those suffering from any uterine issue must try these leaves.
  • Schizandra – This plant is useful in strengthening the body in a big way. It acts like a strong sexual tonic for the women that must try it. Medicines prepared with this plant are much useful for the women.
  • Sage – Mood swings during menopause in the women are managed to great extent with this herb. It is useful in reducing hot flashes.
  • Vitex – Women’s hormones are balanced with this herbal treatment. It helps in treating infertility, irregular menstruation and PMS Etc.
  • Wild Yam – It is much useful in balancing the hormones and managing morning sickness in the females. It acts like a strong liver tonic.