Inability to control the movements of muscles and inactivity of the particular part or parts of the body is described as paralysis. This problem compels the patients to lead horrible lives. Few persons suffer form hemiplegia type of paralysis wherein one side of the body is affected with this disease. Other type of paralysis is known as diplegia or bilateral wherein both regions are challenged with this disease. Parplegia type of paralysis refers to the situation when the lower limbs are affected. But if all the four limbs are affected with this disease then it is termed as quadriplegia paralysis.


Yoga For Paralysis

Symptoms – Those affected with this disease usually complain of serious effects on the body parts that become paralyzed. Inactivity and inability to make movements are the general symptoms of this disease. Patients’ muscles get weakened.

Causes – The major causes of paralysis include head injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury or tumors etc. Autoimmune diseases, hemorrhage, trauma or nerve diseases are also responsible for this disease.

Natural treatments – Following natural treatments are recommended under the Ayurvedic System of Medicine:

Bala – Also popular as Country Mallow; this herb works wonders in treating the patients in natural manners. Muscles are strengthened in a big way with this herb that may be used daily. Paralysis is fought with greater strength with Bala that is enriched with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Patients get instant and sufficient relief with this herb that is recommended by the Ayurvedic System of Medicine. This herb does not put any side effects on the users.

Ashwagandha – This is another effective natural treatment for the patients that suffer from paralysis. Known as Winter Cherry; this herb is able to strengthen the muscles that start functioning in effective manners. Rich contents of minerals, vitamins and nutrients in this herb are much helpful for the patients that are able to move freely. Regular use works wonders.

Rich diets – Those suffering from paralysis must take healthy diets and include green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk and fish in their foods. Cold eatables may be avoided. Staying away from tobacco and alcohol is also beneficial for the patients that are affected with paralysis.

Massaging – Use of medicated oils may be made for massaging the body parts that are affected with this disease. Massaging helps in saying NO to pains and other ill effects of paralysis. It is useful in improving flow of blood to all organs that are strengthened.

Exercising and Yoga – Getting involved in these activities is much helpful for the patients that suffer from paralysis. Physical work helps in making easy movements as far as the affected parts are concerned. It helps in improving blood circulation too. Likewise changing one’s positions in frequent manners is also much useful for the patients. Pressure on the muscles gets reduced with this method.

Avoid – Many people get affected with tension, stress, anxiety and depression. All these negative feelings aggravate the disease to great extent. As such one must stay away from the same.

The above few natural treatments and yoga for paralysis are much helpful in giving sufficient relief from paralysis and its ill effects.