biohome-990x350The nature of fairer sex or females is such that they always wish to look beautiful and attractive. Large numbers of women wish to be the centre of attraction wherever they go. For this, they make their best efforts by using numbers of products that help them to have glowing and shining skin as well as hairs. Owing to same reasons you can find numbers of branded products in the market. What is more important is to choose the right products that are totally safe for your body. To cater to this need of women, the renowned company Biotique Herbals has made available numbers of products for women. These are helpful in promoting outer appearance of the fairer sex. Some of the Biotique Products For Women that are popular among women are as discussed below.

1. Bio Papaya – It is an exfoliating face wash that is suitable for all types of skin. It gives you refreshed and clean skin. It helps in exfoliation of the skin. Also it helps in clearing any clogs or blockages on the skin. You can have fair complexion with the regular use of this face wash.

How to use?

Make your face wet and gently massage the face wash over it with fingertips followed by rinsing off with water. Use it twice in a day.

2.  Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening and De-pigmentation Face Pack

As the name suggests, it is an amazing face pack to have fair glow on your skin. It gives you clean, clear and flawless skin. It is apt for all skin types. The skin is made soft, smooth and young looking.

How to use?

First cleanse your face and then apply the face pack evenly over it. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with water. It may be used regularly as it is free from any side-effects.

3. Bio Honey Gel

It is a refreshing foaming face cleanser that helps in removal of all types of impurities from your skin. It also helps in removal of make up from the face. It retains natural softness of the skin. Also it makes you look fairer by lightening of the skin tone. It keeps your skin hydrated.

Mode of using

You just need to massage the herbal gel over wet face and neck with the help of fingertips. Work for lather and then rinse off with water.

4. Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalizing Face Pack

It helps in revitalization of your skin. It helps in tightening of your skin. also appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. It can be used by anyone irrelevant of skin type. It is also a very good source of nourishment for your skin.

How to use?

You need to apply a thick layer of the face pack on cleansed face and neck while avoiding the eyes and the mouth region. Wait for 15-20 minutes followed by rinsing off with water. It may be used regularly.

5. Biotique Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub

It is an excellent scrub to remove dry lines from your skin. It gives you baby soft skin. It exfoliates and purifies your skin very well.

How to use?

Make your face and neck wet. Then apply the scrub with the help of fingertips. Make sure to avoid eyes. Then rinse off with water.