Quite painful in nature, piles is an inflammatory condition that is generally caused due to chronic constipation. Sedentary lifestyle is one other good reason for piles. The veins in the anus region become engorged. Due to reduced supply of blood and oxygen to the veins in the anus region, the patient suffers from constant itching, irritation and inflammation. There is even redness and hardness of the skin. All these problems make the sufferer quite restless.

Sometimes blood is also noticed along with stools. This condition is then referred to as bleeding piles. It is chiefly a digestive disorder that is cause due to wrong eating habits. Also lifestyle has an important role to play in this condition. Since piles are a painful condition therefore it is very much important to treat it. Also further prevention of recurrence of the same is important.

Keeping in mind the same facts, Baba Ramdev Ji has made available a superb formula for treatment and prevention of this health issue. It is available in the form of Divya Arshkalp Vati. It has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbal constituents found in the nature. It offers instant and effective relief to the patients.

What is Ramdev Medicines For Piles?


Known by the name Divya Arshkalp Vati, Ramdev Medicines For Piles is an apt remedy for treatment of this painful condition. It helps in getting rid of pain as well as other symptoms associated with this condition. It is a safe cure for piles. It doesn’t cause any harm to the patients’ body in anyways.

What are benefits of Ramdev Medicines For Piles?

a. Ramdev Medicines For Piles helps in treatment and prevention of this problem in the most excellent manner possible.

b. It helps in soothing down the pain caused due to piles.

c. The inflammation in the anus is also relieved with the use of this herbal medicine.

d. It also helps in getting rid of redness and hardness of the skin in the anus region.

e. The supply of blood and oxygen to the anus region is improved. This in turn helps in relieving the constant itching, irritation and burning sensation in the anus region.

f. It helps in getting rid of stiffness in the ano-rectal region. This in turn allows the patient to pass stools in an easy and pain-free manner.

g. Ramdev Medicines For Piles can be used to treat bleeding as well as non-bleeding piles equally and effectively.

h. Problem of constipation is also got ridden of so that occurrence of piles may also be prevented automatically.

i. Ramdev Medicines For Piles is even useful in prevention of surgery for treatment of this condition in certain cases.

What does it contain?

Ramdev Medicines For Piles is chiefly rich in herbal or natural components only. The major constituents of this herbal medicine for piles are Pure Rasaunt, Haritaki, Nimba (Bakayan),Bark of soap nut, Karpura (camphor), Kaharava (amber), Khuna kharaba, Kakamaci (makoy), Ghrita kumara, Naga dauna etc.

Mode of using

Those who suffer severely from the problem of piles are advised to take two tablets of this herbal medicine with hot milk on an empty stomach. It is to be taken twice in a day.