Children and especially the babies are dear to anyone. It is because our whole life revolves around the babies. Also our life is chiefly devoted to babies. It is an evident fact that babies are quite delicate and soft. At the same time, it is important to take care of the babies in the safest way possible. That is why it is always advised to use some safe and herbal products for complete baby care so that no harm is caused to the babies in any ways.


Keeping in view the same fact, Biotique has made available complete range of baby care products. It is a renowned name in the ayurvedic or herbal body care products as well as healthcare products. Biotique Baby Care Products have become the first choice of millions of users owing to the best results offered by the same. Let us now have a look at some of the commonly and popularly used Biotique Baby Care Products.

1. Bio Green Apply – It is a gentle shampoo that allows you to cleanse your baby’s hairs in a natural way without causing any harm to his/her hairs. It is rich in herbal components such as Chenai ghas (Gelidium cartilagineum), Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Ghritkumari (Aloe vera barbadensis), Ritha (Sapindus mokorossi), Seb (Pyrus malus), Nariyal tail (Cocos nucifera oil), Himalayan water Q.S. All these help in cleansing the hairs of your baby in a safe and natural manner. The hairs of your baby start shining. Also it is safe for the eyes.

Mode of application

Use warm water to make the hairs of your baby wet. Massage little amount of shampoo gently to work for lather followed by rinsing off with water.

2. Bio Wheat Germ It is very good massage oil that helps in relieving diaper rashes. Enriched with the goodness of pure wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils, and extracts of carrot and galangal, it helps in nurturing your baby’s skin. It supplies all the essential nutrients to the baby’s skin.

Mode of using

You just need to massage this oil gently but thoroughly into the skin of the baby. Use it all over the baby’s body while massaging in circular motions. Make sure oil gets absorbed into the skin completely. It helps in soothing down your baby.

3. Baby Morning Nectar Lotion

It is a natural lotion for your baby that helps in nourishing his/her skin. Also it helps in keeping the skin of your baby moisturized so as to prevent dryness or roughness. It is also helpful in prevention of rashes on the skin caused due to dryness. It is rich in natural extracts such as pure honey, wheat germ and seaweed. All these offer complete protection to the baby’s skin.

Mode of application

Apply the lotion gently all over the body of the baby. Make sure the baby’s skin is properly cleansed before application of this lotion. Use it twice in a day preferably following bathing.

These are all some of the common and popular Biotique Baby Care Products. These help in taking care of your baby in the most excellent and safest manner possible.