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When blood tests show high blood glucose levels, you may be suffering from a metabolic disorder by the name of Diabetes. You need to check out your family members for this medical disorder because Diabetes can be hereditary. If there is a family history of the problem in your parents or grandparents you need to get the blood sugar levels checked right away. Timely diagnosis permits a better management of this medical malady- Diabetes mellitus.

High blood sugar levels are present in the body because the glucose does not get enough insulin to convert to energy for the cells. Sometimes the cells in the body also do not react perfectly to insulin and the glucose amount in the blood keeps rising. Typical symptoms that show up are increased thirst pilydipsia, frequent urination called polyuria and increased hunger called polyphagia.

Diabetes is a long term malady that needs constant maintenance. In Type 1 Diabetes, the human body is unable to produce any insulin and in Type 2 Diabetes, insulin production is less than the amount needed for proper functioning of the body. The body may start to reduce weight drastically and wounds may not heal easily. Tingling and numbness in hands and feet is a common symptom and men even may face sexual dysfunctions. Besides poor nutritional absorption by the body, the eyesight also starts to flail a person. The nervous system starts to weaken and perspiration and tremors become frequent.

Proper exercise, healthy diet, normal de-stressed lifestyle and insulin if needed, need to be followed if the patient has Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetics may be potential candidates for cardiovascular diseases and they need to control their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Leave the alcohol and cigarettes aside and be very careful about the rising blood pressure levels. Recognizing the symptoms may help in early diagnosis of the disease and you may get relief from the feelings of tiredness and fatigue that are a result of weak bones and muscles.

Genetics may be the main reason for causing diabetes. Harmful medications and toxins also may cause erratic blood sugar levels. You can keep blood sugar controlled by natural means like Jamun, bitter gourd, fenugreek seed water, neem leaves, amla powder, etc. The stress levels need to be kept down with meditation practice and sugary foods need to be avoided to keep sugar levels down.

To keep normal levels of glucose in the blood, one can follow the path of natural therapies like Divya Madhunashini vati which is a blend of herbs that stimulate the cells of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin and carry out proper metabolism of glucose. Divya shilajeet sat is also very effective for diabetes and treats the body without side effects and also maintains a proper glucose metabolism.

These herbal remedies are prepared out of natural means with the help of herbal extracts. Root, seeds, fruits, bark, and leaves of trees, shrubs etc are used for medicinal benefits. The best plants are selected and then processed to extract juice, powder, syrups etc. The cells of the pancreas are influenced to work better and secrete insulin naturally with the help of these products.