Cancer is the scariest fear of mankind and everyone is aware that the conventional treatments available can cause havoc with the body. The medicines work at the bad cancer cells but end up destroying the healthy working cells of the human body as well. The immune system crashes and the body gets exposed to millions of infections.

Baba Ramdev who is a proficient yoga guru and highly knowledgeable in the field of ayurvedic medicines has come out with the package of medicines for cancer to help boost up the sagging immune system, and help in curbing the growth of cancer cells. As we know there is no proper cure for cancer but the market is full of remedial measures.

The package by Baba Ramdev, made of medicinal herbs can stop the further growth or spreading of the cancer cells, and it also provides relief from the agonizing symptoms of the dreaded disease. Chemotherapy and radiation create havoc in the body and have many side effects, and we need to have an antidote for this. This package helps in providing relief from these adverse symptoms and reactions, which are a result of chemotherapy and radiation.


The package is created out of organic herbal remedies works on all cancer cells, tissues, and can provide a balm to the body without causing any unpleasant reactions. These are basic drugs that work along with other cancer treatments and they cause no contraindications as they are substitute drugs. This herbal treatment works on the body’s immune system and causes no side effects.

It provides strength to the different tissues of the body and helps them start their battle against the cancer causing cells. The cancer cells once they start their rampage on the body start to ravage other parts by starting their metastasis, and the package can help this spread of malignancy to other body parts. The effect of the medicine is not localized to a particular area that is affected by cancer; rather it acts on the body as a whole and targets the cancer cells anywhere in the body.

The medicinal herbs used for the preparation of this medicine provide adequate nutrition to the body tissues and also encourages the growth of normal tissues. The remedies in this package are very effective for the women who are suffering from cervical and breast cancer but they have to be taken regularly over a period of time.

Skin cancer has been shown to improve when one regularly takes Divya Kayakalp Kwath because it provides proper nutrition to the skin cells thus restricting the growth of cancer. Divya Sarva-kalpa kvatha is Baba Ramdev’s remedy for the cancer of digestive system and the Divya Sanjivani vati provides proper nutrition to the lung cells that are affected by cancer.Baba Ramdev’s Divya Sila sindura helps in curbing down the symptoms caused by cancer and is a combination of medicinal herbs.

Cancer drains the body of energy and this can be taken care of by Divya Tamra Bhasma. Similarly Baba Ramdev has other herbal remedies for pancreatic cancer and also has medicines that can provide energy and vitality to the cancer struck cells. These effective herbal medicines are Divya Abhraka bhasma, Divya swarna basanta malati ,Divya Mukta pisti, Divya pravala panchamrita, Divya heerak bhasm, Divya vriddhivadhika vati and Divya kanchanar guggulu.