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We see many people who get paralysed in some parts of their bodies or the entire physique gets affected with this disorder. Such a state of affairs related to the human bodies is known as Paralysis. Several factors including damages to the muscular functions and defective nervous system are responsible for paralysis. Injuries or strokes are also behind paralysis that can affect people of all ages and both sexes.

Many people experience paralysis on single side of their face and the corresponding arm and leg. They are said to suffer from Hemiplegia. Those suffering from paralysis throughout their entire physique are known to suffer from Diplegia while Monoplegia may be described as the disease that affects only a single limb. Paraplegia type of paralysis affects both sides of the human physique.

Timely treatment of this disease is a must otherwise it can create lot of complications. Different types of medicines are available in the market for treating paralysis. One should be careful about the ill effects of certain allopathic treatments.

Divya Ashwagandha Churna-228x228One must try the following natural treatments to get rid of paralysis. No side effects are reported by adhering to these medicines and preventive measures:

Oils – Those affected with paralysis on any part of their body must try the medical oils by massaging them evenly. Painful sensations can be got rid of with these oils that improve flow of blood to the body muscles and its other organs.

Ashwagandha – This is one of the best remedy to control the ill effects of paralysis. It is famous as Winter Cherry. Human muscles are strengthened with this natural herb that acts like a strong nutrient for the body. It facilitates minerals and vitamins.

a. Bala – Known by its other name, i.e. Country Mallow; this product works wonders to get sufficient relief from paralysis. This herb acts like a strong tonic for the muscles that get strengthened with its regular use. Excellent results have been reported with even use of Bala that helps to fight paralysis in effective manners.

b. Yoga Asana – Performing yoga exercises is much useful for getting relief from painful sensations because of paralysis. This is the best remedy to say NO to the disease in natural manners. Flow of blood to the muscles is improved by doing yoga asana.

c. Position-changes: Persons suffering from paralysis must adopt this method. They must change their positions after frequent intervals. It will enable them to reduce the pressure on the muscles.

d. Healthy diets – Paralysis can be managed by taking fresh food. Cold eatables can aggravate the problem to great extent. One must have diets that are enriched with fiber and minerals. Fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk etc are good. Abstinence from alcohol and smoking is a must.

Ill effects of paralysis can be managed in natural manners by sticking to the above few tips. Simple exercises are also good for the patients. One should remain away from stress and get engaged in societal activities.