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Depression is one of the dangerous states related to one’s mind. It may be described as a mental sickness wherein one becomes sad and likes to live alone. He or she is reluctant to talk to anyone, prefers darkness and remains isolated from the society. Such a horrible condition may sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts. We see many persons committing suicide due to depression that is often caused due to financial crisis, family related problems, job complexities or broken love affairs etc. Taking too much stress is also often responsible for depression. Mental weaknesses and hormonal imbalances also sometimes result in this disorder that is associated with deterioration of one’s health, reduced appetite, sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness and continued sadness etc.

People often take the traditional medicines that usually contain tranquillizing components. But prolonged use of such treatments usually results in adverse impacts upon the depressed persons. Contents of alcohol in certain medicines are also harmful for the users. As such the patients suffering from depression are advised to take the Ayurvedic medicines that do not put any side effects.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Depression

Ayurvedic Medicine for Depression

Following Baba Ramdev medicine for depression and preventive steps suggested by Baba Ram Dev Ji must be tried by the depressed persons:

a. Divya Medha Kvatha – One’s state of mind can be normalized with this wonderful ayurvedic medicine. It helps to control the brain functions in positive manners. It acts like a strong tonic for one’s brain that starts functioning in usual ways.
b. Divya Godanti Bhasm Human nervous system can be set aright with this excellent medicine facilitated by Baba Ram Dev Ji. One can improve his or her concentration powers with this medication.
c. Divya Moti Pisti – This is one of the best remedies to get rid of stress, sadness and anxiety. Those suffering from depression must try Divya Moti Pisti that helps to calm down the mind and body.
d. Divya Medha Vati – This is another wonderful Ayurvedic medicine that has been introduced by Baba Ram Dev Ji for the depressed persons. It helps to give quick relief from depression. One can improve his memory and concentration powers with it.
e. Divya Pravala Pisti – It is the best tonic for one’s brain. Regular intake of this unique medicine is helpful for strengthening the cells of the brain and other parts of the body. Blood circulation to the brain is improved with this medicine that improves its functioning.
f. Sufficient rest – Patients suffering from depression are advised to take proper rest and enjoy sound sleep. One can improve the functioning of his or her brain by taking proper sleep and rest.
g. Rich foods – Nutritious foods are a must to keep the brain in orderly manners. Intake of vitamins, minerals, leafy vegetables and fruits is much helpful to say NO to depression.
h. Physical Activities – One must remain active as inactivity also results in depression. Physical exercises and yoga asana improve circulation of oxygen and blood to the brain.

Simple lifestyle, rich foods, sufficient intake of water and abstinence from alcohol & smoking are much helpful for depression; says Ramdev.