The urinary tract consisting of kidneys, uterus, urethra and bladder is responsible for flushing out the urine from the body. Urine, the yellowish fluid is a result of our metabolism. It is a mixture of salts, toxins and water. Regular flushing out of urine is acceptable. But any disorder with it due to protein, white blood cells or blood in the urine because of injury, kidney infection or inflammation need to be cared for immediately. Diabetic patients may notice glucose in their urine. Aged people are more vulnerable to urinary problems but others are also no exception to it. Nephritis, hematuria, burning urine, infections in the urinary tract, stones in the kidney or other such signs are often noticed by the patients that suffer from urinary problems.

Hundreds of medicines are there for treating urinary bladder problems. Those suffering from these disorders are advised to take the following Ayurvedic medicines for urinary problems and adopt other preventive measures:

Divya Chandraprabha Vati

Divya Chandraprabha Vati

a. Chandraprabha Vati – Divya Chandraprabha Vati is much helpful in saying NO to urinary problems. Even use works wonders.
b. Chandan – This herbal product helps to get rid of urinary problems in positive manners. Human urinary tract can be set aright with it.
c. Gokshuradi Guggulu – This unique Guggulu is one of the best ayurvedic treatments for curing urinary disorders in a big way.
d. Guduchi – It is helpful to improve the circulation of blood. Excellent results can be obtained by using this herb in even manners. Muscles are energized with its regular use.
e. Gokshura – This is one of the best herbal products that are useful in treating urinary tract problems in women. Regular use of this product works wonders in getting rid of urinary disorders. It acts like a strong tonic for our immune system.
a. Punarnava – Those challenged with urinary blood disorders are advised to try this herbal medicine that gives excellent results.
f. Shilajit – This is an excellent ayurvedic medicine that heals the urinary disorders in quick manners. It does not put any side effects.
g. Those suffering from urinary problems are advised to take rich diets containing lemon juice, coconut water, pineapple juice, oranges and other fruits in sufficient quantities. Grapes, apples and peaches are also helpful for them.
h. Abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes is a must. Taking sufficient water helps to flush out toxins from the body and keep the urinary tract clean.
i. Exposure to hot sun must be avoided as it may cause burning sensations. Excessive heat due to hot sun rays may result in dehydration that causes urinary problems.
j. Yoga asana, simple exercises and other physical activities are useful for the whole physique including the urinary tract.

Patients suffering from urinary problems are advised to stick to simple life style, take healthy foods and perform yoga asana. Staying away from junk and spicy foods is also recommended for them. Getting engaged in physical activities is also much advantageous for urinary problems as it helps to flush out toxic substances and keep the urinary tract clean.