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Ayurveda, the ages old system of medicine has been prevalent in India since 2000 B.C. This famous system considers life to be much important and thinks that it is a combination of mind, soul and the human physique. Other medical systems take the human physique into focus while they deal with any physical problem.

Ayurveda System of Medicine focuses on human body, soul and the mind that are the major points of consideration for this unique remedial system. It is such a noble method of treatment that it considers all these three aspects of great importance while dealing with any physical or mental problem of the people. It is a study of three doshas, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha that are related with the various combinations of the five components, i.e. air, earth, ether, fire and water. Any disease is referred to as a disorder of these elements. Any imbalance in any of these components is considered as a cause of any disease. Ayurveda considers nature and human life to be of great importance and deals with the disease by taking into account the natural remedies that are used to treat any ailment in a feasible manner.

Divya Avipattikar Choorna

Divya Avipattikar Choorna

Ayurvedic powders are prepared with the herbal ingredients that do not contain any harmful components. Few of the herbal powders are listed below for treatment of the relevant diseases in an alphabetical order. The patients may use them for the particular ailment that they suffer from.

Asthma Bronchitis, Anemia & Weakness, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Brain Power, Blood Circulation, Cancer, Colitis, Cough & Cold, Cysts, Chronic Constipation, Chronic Fever, Diarrhea & Dysentery, Diabetes, Dental diseases, Epilepsy & Hysteria, Eye Problems, Fistula, Female Sterility, Fractures & Dislocation of Bones, Gastritis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hyper acidity & Peptic Ulcer, Hair Problems, Intestinal Worms, Indigestion & Lack of Appetite, Leucoderma, Leucorrhoea, Liver Tonic, Migraine, Male Sterility, Obesity, Piles, Parkinson’s Disease, Paralysis, Prostate Enlargement, Psoriasis, Stress, Sleeplessness, Sexual Debility & Impotency, Skin Diseases & Allergy, Stones in the Urinary Tract, Thyroid Problems and  Throat diseases etc. Baba Ramdev ayurvedic powders are also too useful for treatment of different diseases.

Few ayurvedic powders prepared from Neem, Methi, Hibiscus Petal, Marshmallow Root, Amla, Kalpi tone, Fenugreek Seeds, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Orange Peel, Nettle, Shikakai, Aritha and Ashwagandha are too beneficial for hair loss problems. They reduce the breakage of the hair and help in even growth of hair. Women must try these powders for enjoying shining and long hair.