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Jaundice may be defined as an ailment related to the human liver due to its disordered functioning. We see many people whose skin and eyes become yellow. Fingernails of the affected persons also turn yellow. Same is true with their urine and stool. These are the clear symptoms of jaundice. Weakness and indigestion affect these patients. Patients often take the conventional types of medicines for treatment of jaundice.

Ayurveda system of medicine recommends the following Ayurvedic Medicines and remedial steps for treatment of this dangerous disease. They are much helpful for removal of toxins from the human body including the liver.ayurvedic medicine for jaundicei. Bhumyamalaki – Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this herb is the best Ayurvedic medicine for jaundice treatment.  Mix its juice with honey and take it thrice a day to get quick results.
ii. Kakamachi – This is another fruitful herb that may be used as an Ayurvedic medicine for this disease. Take it regularly.
iii. Ayurvedic churnas – Ayurveda recommends taking churnas prepared from Avipattikara that is the wonderful remedy for the patients to say NO to jaundice. Take it with water or milk.
iv. Arogya Vardhini Vati – This is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of jaundice in an even manner. Take it with honey.
v. Vasaka – Its regular use gives sufficient relief from jaundice.
vi. Triphala – This is one of the most famous Ayurvedic medicines for treatment of jaundice in a successful manner.
vii. Kutki and Nisoth – These two herbs are the best recommended Ayurvedic medicines for treatment of jaundice. They can be taken in the form of powder. You may take them separately or by mixing them in apt manners.
viii. Berberis – Popular as ‘jaundice berry’; this unique herb has been recommended by Ayurveda system of medicine for treatment of jaundice in a successful manner. Bitter in taste, it is much useful for the jaundice patients that may take its fluid too.
ix. Gokulakanta (Hygrophila spinosa) – It is an effective remedy for treatment of liver and jaundice. It is useful for hepatitis too. Its root is much effective for the patients that may take it with water thrice a day for quick results.
x. Chicory (Chichorium intybus) – Its seeds, flowers and roots are much effective for liver diseases. Its juice is also much useful for any problem related with jaundice, i.e. liver sluggishness, spleen enlargement and bile flow obstruction etc.
xi. Snake Gourd – Jaundice can be treated with the infusion of its leaves that give amazing results as per Ayurveda. It may be taken with coriander.
xii. Indian Aloe – All liver problems related to jaundice can be treated well with this herb as per Ayurveda. Taken with ginger and black salt, the pulp of its leaves may be taken each morning for about ten days. It will help greatly to give sufficient relief.Home Remedies for HepatitisAyurvedic system of medicines recommends use of Indian Sorrel, Trupeth and Picorrhiza for treatment of this disease. Patients suffering from jaundice should take rich foods but junk or fried foods should be avoided. Vegetables and fruits should be included in the daily diets. They should stay away from drinks and cigarettes. Sufficient intake of water and simple exercises also help much for jaundice problems.