Ayurveda believes in facilitating apt solutions for different physical problems or diseases that not only create hurdles for humans but also put psychological effects. With a focus on the humans and their well being; Ayurveda system of Medicine introduces various types of treatments in the form of suitable medicines and powders or preventive methods that are advantageous for getting rid of various problems.

There are various powders facilitated through Ayurveda. Few of them are listed below –

a. Awal Powder (Cassia Obovata) – With its English name as Neutral Henna; this amazing ayurvedic powder is said to provide relief from hair problems. It is much helpful for energizing the hair that become thick and glossy. It is a good tonic to condition the hair in a natural manner. The human scalp is also strengthened with its apt use. It discourages bacteria, fungis and microbial ailments.

b. Bhringraj Powder (Eclipta Alba) – With the English name as False daisy, this wonderful ayurvedic powder is beneficial for the human hair. It helps to revitalize the hair and improves blood circulation for the hair follicles. It is prepared by mixing bhringraj, amla and often brahmi too. It is much useful for headaches and other problems including bleeding, itching, hepatitis and diarrhea. This unique ayurvedic powder gives amazing results for energizing the nervous system. It is much helpful for the lever and athlete foot, dermatitis, scorpion strings and snakebite.

c. Hibiscus Powder (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) – It fights dandruff and other hair problems in a successful manner. It provides cooling effects for the scalp.

d. Kapur Kachri Powder (AHedichium spicatum) – The English name of this ayurvedic powder is Spiked Ginger Lily. It is much helpful to get rid of nausea, inflammations, asthma bronchitis, pain and hiccups etc.

e. Multani Mitti Powder (Fullers Earth) – You can remove the oils from your skin with this unique ayurvedic powder that may be added to your bath for excellent results. It may be applied on the face also by making its paste. Use it for removing stains from different items. It provides wonderful results for your hair problems. Fuller’s earth is able to absorb bacteria. It contains minerals that are useful for arthritic pain, gums, teeth and fingernails problems too.

f. Orange Peel Powder – This is also another ayurvedic powder that provides wonderful products for your skin and face. You may prepare its packs for even application.

g. Rose Powder – This unique ayurvedic powder is used for preparation of skin care products and face packs.

h. Walnut Shell Powder – You may use this ayurvedic powder as a body scrub or face pack. It nourishes the skin in a powerful way.

Divya Ashwagandha Churna

i. Herbal Hair Pack – You can prepare a good mixture for your hair, scalp and the skin by mixing the powders of few herbs. Take the ayurvedic powders prepared with Ritha, Khus, Neem, Amla, Multani Mitti, Shikakai or other herbs and combine them in apt proportions. It will help you to get rid of dandruff or skin problems. You can have healthy hair and shining skin with this mixture if you use it in a regular manner.

All the ayurvedic powders are free from any adverse effects as they do not contain any harmful components.