In males, the chief hormone which is responsible for occurrence of sex related problems is the testosterone. Any disturbance in the production of this hormone or its imbalance leads to sex-related problems or reproductive issues in males. Any disturbance or problem in transmittance of signals to and fro from the brain is also responsible for male sex health issues to great extent. All these problems start interfering with the love life of the two partners which in turn leads to dissatisfaction, disappointment, stress, anxiety and such other negative feelings.

Although these problems may be cured, treated and prevented with the help of some medicines or exercises however these are not so efficient in treating these problems from their root. Himalaya Confido proves to be an apt remedy in this regard as it helps in dealing with all these problems efficiently and completely. It is a safe product which doesn’t produce any side-effects on the health of a person. It has been prepared from natural ingredients for safety of the users.

Major health benefits of Himalaya Confido


Increase in the level of testosterone- As already stated, testosterone is the chief sex organ in males which is responsible for sexual excitement. Himalaya Confido helps in enhancing as well as regularizing the level of this hormone thereby arousing sexual desire in males appropriately. It also helps in prevention of premature ejaculation to some extent.

Increase in sperm count- Himalaya Confido also helps in increasing the sperm count in males naturally. This in turn leads to improved fertility in males. Due to increase in sperm count, the seminal fluid becomes thick and hence leads to powerful ejaculations.

Deals with stress and anxiety- Himalaya Confido helps in releasing stress and anxiety associated with sexual activity. The herbs present in this product keep brain calm and stable during sexual activity and hence allow regulated and controlled ejaculations. Also it ensures relaxed mind at night for a sound sleep due to apt performance in the sexual activity. At the same time, due to prevention of nocturnal emissions by imparting enough energy to the penis for controlling the ejaculations. As a result, males are able to have a balanced mind and body and hence enjoy good sexual health.

Himalaya Confido Dosage

As far as dosage of Himalaya Confido is concerned, there are no hard and fast rules for the same. Mostly it is preferred to take it one hour before going to bed so as to have the desired results. It is due to the fact that Himalaya Confido is mainly meant to act as a pre-mature ejaculation cure and hence it may be taken before the sexual act so as improve performance. It is always advisable to consult your medical physician before starting to take this herbal healthcare product for enhancement in sexual performance. Although it doesn’t have any side effects on any of the body parts however the medical history of a person need to be taken into account before starting to take this herbal remedy for sexual problems.